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Recognized by COLOR!

She Dreams In Color podcast was released on my birthday which made the day even more special! I have been filled with so much bliss since this episode!

In this episode I get to share my journey to becoming a full time abstract artist, share some advice, and just be myself while having a great conversation with a great friend. I hope you take a moment to listen, and if you haven't already, Check out the episode below!!

She dreams and color is also a video series that you can watch on the she dreams in color YouTube channel. Learn more about Ahe Dreams in Color!

* if you didn't know I was commissioned to created the art for this amazing movement last year.

Uppercase Magazine was an amazing opportunity to share my story, art process, and artwork among several other talented fine artists and creatives!

Jamie has done a wonderful job of putting all the ingredients of creativity in one place and you can check out this Encyclopedia of inspiration at uppercase mags website.

This is the beautifully vibrant 10th volume of the Uppercase Encyclopedia of Inspiration and it is all about art supplies, the appeal of art making, materials, and accessories. It's all being told through artists, artisans, manufacturers, independent makers, and people who are making an impact on the art industry!

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