Paint with Me!

Modern Abstract: Skillpop - Online


Join me to receive guided instructions as I walk you through creating your own unique acrylic painting. I’ll cover color mixing, layering, and give plenty of tips and tricks to master painting expressive art. By the end of class, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to continue practicing this new medium, and your own custom piece of art to show off! Each Live Class is once a month.

Kaleidoscope 2021 - Online

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Dive Deeply Into Art, Colour, Worldly Wonders & The Human Spirit! The courses with a focus on colour theory, worldly wonders & the human spirit. Join me & 15 Artists who will all share beautiful art lessons with you inspired by the world, its people, AND, we will also dive deep into colour theory.  Use Code: COLOR2021 for 20% Off! The main course Kaleidoscope will start on August 1st.