Artist Statement

I am a multimedia artist focusing in ceramics and painting and a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte majoring in Fine Art with minors in Women & Gender Studies and Psychology. My practice tends to include large and small scale abstract paintings or hand-built ceramic pieces finished with abstract brush strokes and mark making. I chose to create work from a microscopic to macroscopic view. My work is embedded with information abstractly to draw the viewer in.

I mainly work with clay, plaster, and acrylic paint. I use abstraction as a tool to engage people. My practice tends to vary between small and large scale works that challenge me to either blow up microscopic views or to minimize large details. My ceramic work sculptures are usually hand-built then stacked, collapsed, or altered as a form of self expression. My paintings are created with multi-layered plaster, acrylic paint, and mark-makings, that I do with palette knives and my fingers to create texture and depth. Once my ceramic pieces are glazed, I use my fingers to make markings that look unintentional but every mark is planned. In my ceramic practice, I use black and white mainly, but sometimes I use color for purpose. In my process, there is a wait time between greenware being fired and plaster drying. In that time, I get to do more research or plan the markings that need to be applied to give my ceramic art work life. 

The viewers of my work consist of people in my community, school, and workplace. I use scale of work to engage the viewer so that the concept is not overlooked. Also, I aspire to have the viewer to interact with my work, to see my sculptural and abstract works from different angles, and be intrigued by my work. My creations are solely purposed to be engaging and to have people form some type of connection and perception of their own.