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Hello There!!

Commissions are my faviore thing to create. It's a collabration between us! All past clients have trusted me to crate freely! Your input is added with every brushstroke! 

The Process

After you’ve filled out the form, send in some inspiration photos by email!Show off the art and fabrics you love. Send in photos of your space and anything else you feel will ensure your vision comes to life.

Next, we’ll schedule a 1-on-1 chat to make sure that we dotted all the I’s and crossed all the T’s before the paint brush ever touches the canvas.

Then, you’ll receive a beautiful color story in your inbox for you to review and approve. & we’re off!!


You will be kept in the loop and receive in progress photos and videos throughout the entire process. ​All you have to do is check your inbox for the announcement that your timeless, one-of-a-kind, custom fine art piece is ready for its forever home!

All copyrights remains with the artist.**

What People Are Saying!


"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my painting. You knew exactly what would make me feel joyful, inspired, and worthy (without me telling you!!) Thank you!"

- Charlene

"WORTHY" is a custom painting for an amazing business owner! Charlene wanted a BOLD, FUN, & EXCITING custom painting for her space! Once she expressed what she was looking for I knew that I would include bright colors & expressive marks! The color palette was inspired by her business and her art collection all mixed with my flair from knowing her over time! She gave me creative freedom to create after sending me photos of her home and art she loves!


"We're thrilled with them and how perfect they are!! Thank you!!" - Lindsay

"Infinite Lush 1 & 2" was inspired by Lindsay & AJ's love story from the beginning until the present moment. For this lovely couple, I took so much inspiration from their story, wedding, kiddos, and fabric colors. For example, the ultramarine blue is from their wedding bouquet and the navy & brown are from their beach wedding. There is always a deeper meaning behind the colors and compositions of my paintings.


"I was finally able to hang my LaDara birthday present to myself! My LaDara Fine Art birthday present had color vision before I had picked any paint for the house. She nailed it and was so amazing to work with!!! #buyfineart"

- Allison

This triptych was for an amazing client Allison, an art appreciator. She wanted to gift herself a birthday present for the renovation of her home. She gave me complete creative freedom. Her main focus was making sure I used French blue and eucalyptus green like the impressionists which I am a fan of too! The artwork was inspired by Claude Monet and Henri Matisse which are two of my favorite artists.


"Oh my gooooooooood 😍😍 we just got the painting and it is perfection. It’s so vibrant!!! We’re both blown away." - AJ

"The Deepest Love" was inspired by a triumphant story of dealing with infertility and I am so honored that she felt comfortable and supported while sharing her story with me. This painting is filled with love, joy, and kindness to ones self. AJ gave me creative freedom to express her and her husband's story. It was emotional and inspiring for me to tell this intimate tale. Every brushstroke and mark felt freeing. She will use it as design inspiration for their new nursery!

You're looking for a timeless, one-of-a-kind, custom fine art piece, you're in the right place.

What Clients Are Say Saying

"Love the addition of color to our spaces and made the nursery feel so special and welcoming to Fred!"

- Mary Beth

"You made me feel special and involved!

I love how they transformed my space!!"

- Allison

"Your work provides respite from the hustle of life and offers an abstract world of mystery, joy, adventure, and peace!"

- Kristin

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